Our GPS product lines allow the client to login & locate all vehicles within the account. It allows for real-time viewing 24/7 from any internet based computer, with crisp & accurate map images.
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Our Telemetry products allow the client to manage rural facilities that do not have power or phone lines. Costly and cumbersome truck rolls are a thing of the past, simply login and control.

Our Security product line provides the most advanced commercial intrusion and fire detection technology today. It allows the client a web based login to arm, disarm or simply "check in" on the system.

Our Surveillance product line allows the client a login to the system from any internet based computer or smartphone. It can provide real-time viewing of surveillance cameras, motion & face detection alerts.
access control

Our Access Control product line allows the client to login and trace the steps of thier employees throughout the work day, monitoring when they arrive, which rooms they enter and when they depart.

Our Wireless product line provides the transmission link between facilities when hardwired connections are not available or simply not feasible. Transmit voice, data and video with 100% reliability.
structured cable

Our Structured Cable products provide the hardwired back-bone for all of our equipment. Digital coax, cat 5/6, fiber & hi-definition cabling are custom made for the specfic application.
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